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As the Client:
You are a heart-centered entrepreneur (e.g., massage or psychotherapist, counselor, coach, artists, mindfulness/yoinstructors, alternative medicine provider, retreat leader,  music/voice teacher, etc.) either just starting your business or you have an established business you want to grow that aligns with the three Ps of heart-centered work — Passion, Purpose and Profit. You hasome marketing and sales knowledge or have none, but are willing to commit to diving deep into the "why" of your work, who your ideal clients are and learning how to promote your business in a way that authentically represents your products or services. You are open to feedback, believe in coaching and willing to put in the work, committing to at least three months of coaching.

As Your Coach:
My primary focus is to support and uplift you, a heart-centered entrepreneur on your journey towards success. I believe that true fulfillment comes from aligning one's business with their core values and purpose. As a heart centered entrepreneur, your work creates a ripple effect which translates into a healthier community; one with more compassion, love, presence and where self-care is celebrated.

During our coaching agreement I will gain intimate knowledge about your business, your motivations for doing the work you do, help you clarify your goals, identify your client's psycho-graphics so you can understand their needs, behaviors, values and motivations for seeking your products or services. This will help you create effective strategies that resonate with them and convert them into clients. In a six month coaching relationship  I will help you identify and create an actionable marketing and communications plan to attract more clients.

It is my utmost joy and honor to guide and support passionate entrepreneurs like yourself as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, helping you unleash your full potential and thrive in your purpose-driven businesses.

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