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Below you will find a selection of unique wellness-focused Hearts Alive offerings led by founder, Suzanna Mannion (500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Retreat Facilitator and Certified Somatic Coach) — for your employees and/or members.

But first, let's look at the benefits of offering high-engagement, wellness experiences for your members or employees.

This short-list includes:

  • Attracting new members/employees

  • Greater loyalty and retention from existing members/employees

  • Pride of membership/employment

  • More member/employee referrals

  • Enhanced connection and team-building

  • Strengthened brand reputation

  • Point of differentiation from competitors

  • Reduction of stress/anxiety, improved productivity and morale

  • A feel-good, well-rounded offering to engage and attract current and new members

  • Lower membership attrition.


Suzanna Mannion
Founder of Hearts Alive
500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Certified Somatic Coach
Transformational Retreat Facilitator
Learn more about Suzanna



Experience inner calm in a Hatha yoga class. The sequence encourages mindful movement and connecting with your body's wisdom. Enjoy benefits like enhanced circulation, flexibility, reduced tension, vibrant energy and a sense of grounding. The class includes breath exercises, invigorating yet soothing poses and a long, restorative savasana. Take a break from the daily rush, relax and give your nervous system a rest. All levels are welcome for this non-judgmental exploration of yoga postures and conscious relaxation for body, breath and mind. This class is for adults; those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and able to follow a 60+ minute session.

Rate starts at $500 and includes:

  • Facilitation of a 60-75 minute class

  • Maximum Group Size: 25 students

  • Management of liability forms signed by all attendees

  • Certificate of Insurance (if needed)

  • Travel within 25 miles of Hercules/Rodeo, California

  • Option to provide 10 yoga blankets, blocks and straps*

    *Note: Students will need to bring their own yoga mats.  It's recommended that the organization purchase mats and props to have on-hand if the class will become a regular offering. Some organizations may want custom branded mats. With an ongoing agreement, Hearts Alive might be open to purchasing and providing additional props and mats for participants to use during class.
Forest Walking



During this transformative two-hour forest bathing experience, participants will embark on a soul-enriching journey where peace and tranquility replace stress and anxiety. The experience will help foster introspection and self-discovery via a symbiotic dance with Mother Nature. They will emerge empowered with a deeper connection to themselves and greater clarity and resilience when navigating life's challenges.

Rates start at $1,000 and includes:

  • Facilitation of a 2-3 hour experience

  • Planning a customized program for your group

  • Certificate of Insurance (if needed)

  • Travel within 25 miles of Hercules/Rodeo, California

  • Tea and chocolate ceremony


Interested in creating an immersive, high-engagement and unforgettable experience for your employees or members? Let Hearts Alive support you with your next retreat from planning, handling day-of logistics and facilitating.

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