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Open-minded. Supportive.
Empathetic. Action-Oriented.

As a Certified NLP Somatic Coach, I support clients as
they unearth their true calling in life, identify road blocks, address
limiting beliefs and develop a plan to move towards their goals
and the life they want to live.

​With my lifelong experience as a woman jockeying between roles as mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt — possessing 20+ combined years' experience as an employee and entrepreneur, I bring awareness, experience, knowledge (and perhaps most importantly) deep empathy and compassion to my coaching sessions.

I know what it feels like to commit to something, tirelessly fighting to keep it afloat for years (maybe even decades!), only to discover that what you're fighting for is not aligned with who you are anymore, or never was. Maybe you are under-acknowledged, uninspired and bored at best. At worst, you're in an unsafe circumstance, burned-out or your anxiousness has found its way to the helm of your life creating unhealthy imbalances in your wellness.

Such awakenings often evoke confusion and overwhelm. Having a dedicated and skilled coach at your side to offer support while you identify a path forward to a life that resonates more deeply with your values and purpose is tremendously helpful and can help you live at a higher vibration, where you have a more optimal work-life balance, are leaned-in and experience greater joy in more areas of your life.

I truly believe, each one of us already possesses the answers we seek, but often they are buried way deep down inside of us. Given the right formula of time and circumstance, these answers will eventually become evident. With the support of a skilled coach who you trust and resonate with, the unfolding moves much faster, and you'll be able to more quickly identify what actions you need to take in your life.



  • help you identify your innate superpowers and opportunities

  • hold space and provide a safe container for your personal growth

  • help you access your inner wisdom while cultivating new awareness

  • acknowledge your efforts

  • help you with goal-setting and planning

  • hold you accountable to actions that move you towards your goals

  • celebrate your achievements, and ...

  • champion YOU every step of the way.


  • Women transitioning through different phases of their lives

  • Life Balance 

  • Accountability, Goal Setting, Action Planning


  • Certified NLP Somatic Coach® (Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP)

  • 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Cloud 9 Yoga and Yoga Alliance

  • B.A. Studio Art (Graphic Design and Digital Imaging), Humboldt State University

  • Enrolled in the advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training with Cloud 9 Yoga


  • LGBT and non-conventional relationship friendly 

  • Nonjudgmental - bring all of you to our sessions

  • 15 years' experience supporting small businesses with marketing, graphics and photography

  • Small business owner (Hearts Alive Coaching, Yoga and Retreats and Suzanna Mannion Photography)

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