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The intention for the women's circle is for it to serve as a safe, nurturing, supportive and confidential space for a group of women to build community and enjoy authentic connection; where every woman’s voice is heard and valued. Being in a circle will support us in gaining deeper insights on ourselves while gaining wisdom vicariously through witnessing others sharing. It's a place to build friendships and hopefully have some FUN! 😍

Bit More Insight: 
Prior to each meeting, I aim to invite in elements of ritual and build a small altar space in the center of the room. We'll identify a topic or theme and one or more people may be invited to prepare a poem, song or do (light) research on that topic before the next meeting. When we share, we will exercise circle-sharing principles (e.g., one person speaks at a time, we use a talking piece, we don't give advice or respond after another person shares, we speak and listen from our hearts, we maintain confidentiality, etc).

Additional thought has gone into the "logistics" of this new circle, and is outlined below. As this is a new endeavor, the details might shapeshift a bit as we get started and see where the pieces land. We are starting with six sessions / dates and if all goes well (which I hope it does!), we can continue on with more dates.

  • 2024 Dates and Times:

    1. Thursday, Feb 22 

    2. Friday, Mar 15

    3. Thursday,.Apr 18  

    4. Thursday, May 16

    5. Thursday, June 20

    6. Thursday, July 18

      Doors open 5:45 pm
      Circle Starts: 6 pm
      Circle Ends: 8 pm

  • Location: Quinan Street Project, Pinole

  • Closed or open circle?
    Ultimately, with this circle, we want folks to commit so we can all deepen together. Space permitting, we'll keep the circle open for new women to sign-up through April. After April, if someone in the circle directly refers a friend to the circle (who would be a good fit, and there's room) this may be possible. All things we can discuss when we get started!

  • Group Size: 12 maximum. Six minimum.

  • General Flow

    • 5:45 - 6 pm: arrive, get situated, enjoy tea/snack
      Participants sit in a circle on a chair, cushion, yoga mat or block around an altar/centerpiece.
      We might burn herbs (e.g. sage) to clear the space or each other upon arrival.

    • 6 - 8 pm
      I'll guide breathwork, meditation and/or movement (e.g., gentle stretching or light yoga)
      Circle Check-In
      Circle Discussions
      Circle Check-out

  • Cost:
    Sliding scale $150 - $400 for six sessions (which can be broken into two payments). If cost is a barrier, please reach out. Payment can be made via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.

 If all of the above has you saying "YES THIS SOUNDS TOTALLY AWESOME!" and you'd like to be part of it, please complete the form linked below to sign up and payment information will be sent.

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