Photo taken by Izzy (age 6) at Mount Madonna Center while on a mom-daughter retreat. 

Hearts Alive Yoga came to fruition from my deep desire to share the myriad of benefits of practicing yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (regulated breathing technique) while bringing more calm and greater peace to our community. 

During the pandemic as my anxiety levels ramped up, I increased my yoga practice in tandem. Implementing a regular practice of breathwork and movement proved to be a great approach to helping me find my "center" and stillness in my mind. One thing led to another and I enrolled in a hatha yoga teacher training, which deepened my knowledge of yoga and helped me learn how to safely share yoga with others. 

My 200-hour certification was obtained through Cloud Nine Yoga in Kauai. To say the training was a transformative experience is an understatement. The rigorous and consistent practice brought to light the tremendous health benefits yoga offers, not only for our bodies, but our minds as well; the two being inextricably connected.​ I've since enrolled in Cloud Nine's 300-hour training to further my knowledge as a student while supporting my journey as a teacher. 

Outside of teaching and studying yoga, I am a mother of a school-aged child, married, work full-time in communications, am traversing a professional coaching program with an NLP and somatic focus, and when time allows, I offer photography services to local businesses and individuals --- suzannaphoto.com. 

Today Hearts Alive Yoga is small, but we have plans to expand and offer day-long and weekend-long meditation and yoga retreats / workshops. My vision is to create a supportive community of like-minded individuals who find respite as well as a renewed devotion to self-care through practicing yoga. I invite you to attend a Tuesday evening class in Pinole and join the Hearts Alive community! 

- Suzanna