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Who I Coach
Heart-centered entrepreneurs; individuals who seek to align their passions with their purpose, and create a profitable business doing what they love. They are often in service to others and may identify as alternative medicine providers, retreat leaders, nutritionists, music/voice teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, sound healers, wellness/life coaches, writers, designers/artists, yoga/mindfulness instructors, etc.

I LOVE supporting passionate entrepreneurs such as yourself as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey; helping you unleash your full potential and thrive in your purpose-driven businesses.

My primary focus is to support and uplift you on your journey towards success. I believe that true fulfillment comes from aligning one's business with their core values and purpose. As a heart centered entrepreneur, your work creates a ripple effect which translates into a more vibrant and healthier community; one where people experience greater wellness, beauty and celebrate self-care.

How I Support Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

a) You are in the ideation phase wanting clarity on your “calling” or purpose, needing support with action planning to launch your business and actualize your big dream.

b) You are an established entrepreneur with 
some marketing and sales knowledge (or none!), and want support with business development, brand identity, getting clear on who your target client is (including their needs, behaviors, values and motivations) and developing an effective marketing strategy. Together we will dive into the "why" of your work and unearth ways to authentically and effectively represent your products or services.  

Regardless of which phase you are in, I will gain intimate knowledge about your business and your motivations for doing the work you do while clarifying your goals and supporting you with next steps. 

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs' Biggest Challenges

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome: You fear not meeting others’ expectations and feel incompetent despite demonstrating competency.

  • A discomfort (or fear) of selling: You believe the promotion and sale of your products or services is perceived as “icky” or unwelcome, and thus you avoid asking for the sale.

  • Insufficient marketing knowledge or tech skills: You’re passionate about the work you do but have no idea how to market your business and have two left feet when it comes to technology.

  • Lack of Accountability: You know what you want to achieve, the steps to get there, but left to your own devices, you find any excuse under the sun to avoid taking action.  

  • Burnout / Negligent Self-Care: You give endlessly but neglect taking care of yourself and face burnout.

  • Money Wounds: Your beliefs, thoughts, behaviors or feelings centered around money block and limit you from achieving financial abundance.

How I Am Qualified to Help You
As a heart-centered entrepreneur (i.e., photographer, coach, yoga instructor and retreat leader) I understand what it means to live at the intersection of passion and purpose while building a profitable business. For most of my 15+ year marketing career, I have supported small businesses. My capabilities are wide-ranging and include: marketing strategy, graphic design, business development, copy-writing, public relations, email marketing, e-commerce promotions, sponsorships, advertising, media outreach, events, blogging, social media marketing and professional photography. My unique breadth of experience has instilled rich insights that translate into a resourcefulness that clients and colleagues alike recognize and value in me.

Beyond calculable skills and experience, kindness, authenticity, deep presence and compassion are at the core of my interactions with clients. I strive to create a coaching container with warmth where you are able to feel at home with me and encouraged to bring your full self to our sessions, free of judgment. I bring
an open mind, professional NLP and somatic coaching skills to support your exploration, a sense of curiosity (and humor!), strong listening skills, compassion and an action-oriented mindset.

My Education

  • Certified NLP Somatic Coach, Academy of Leadership and NLP

  • B.A. in Art/Graphic Design, Cal Poly Humboldt 

  • 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Cloud 9 Yoga 

  • Founder of Hearts Alive Coaching, Yoga and Retreats and Suzanna Mannion Photography 

  • Linkedin

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If you're looking for a compassionate and vibrant somatic coach who is

skilled at running visioning exercises, I highly recommend Suzanna Mannion. Her compassionate, intuitive approach helped me understand that I was seriously unde restimating and undervaluing my capabilities and accomplishments. I now feel much more prepared to move forward in a balanced way, creating a life that centers on creativity, connection, compassion, integrity, and joy

Coaching Client

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