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What are some of the top results of coaching? 

  • Improved communication skills.

  • Increased self-esteem / self-confidence.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Increased self-awareness. 

  • Greater fulfillment in life.  

What are signs I might benefit from coaching?

  • Feeling “stuck.”

  • Desire to pursue a life-long dream. 

  • Longing for greater fulfillment.

  • Feeling your life is out of balance.   

  • Wanting to pursue career advancement.

  • Transitioning into a new stage of life.

  • Navigating transition. 

  • Wanting to improve self confidence. 

What is the client's role? 

You set the agenda, identify your goals, and commit to the coaching process. Most sessions will end with actions that you strive to complete prior to the next session. These action steps (which are wide ranging) are crucial to moving forward and achieving your stated goal(s). Your role is to invest in the work, be as honest and vulnerable with yourself as possible and explore things in your life that may cause discomfort.

What is the coach's role? 

I am responsible for keeping the client focused and holding the client accountable for accomplishing the steps necessary to achieving identified goals. Where areas of resistance are evident, the I will skillfully guide you in pushing past them.

What is criteria for finding the right coach? 

  • Chemistry and synergy! 

  • The preferred format is in alignment (in-person, video or phone). 

  • Certifications / credentials with an ICF accredited program. ​

  • Experience in your area of need. 

  • They work with people like you. 



Visit the FAQs on Coaching page to get insights on: 

  • Top results you can expect from coaching.

  • Signs you might benefit from coaching. 

  • What's important to look for in a coach. 

  • Reasons to partner with a coach. 

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