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Self-Care Snack: Legs Up the Wall Pose

Feeling run down and need to recenter quickly? Set aside five to 10 minutes for the “Legs Up the Wall” yoga pose, known to help regulate blood pressure, calm the mind, reduce stress, support a better night’s sleep, improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs, ankles and feet.

Getting into the pose

Sit close to a wall, recline so your head and shoulders are on the ground, elevate your legs up the wall with your feet apart. Although making contact isn’t essential, scoot your tailbone towards the wall. Rest your arms on the floor with palms facing up. Relax your breath and rest for five or more minutes. If your hamstrings are tight, a supportive variation may be to lie on the ground with your lower legs resting on the seat of a chair with knees bent.

If getting up and down from the ground isn’t available to you, try sitting on a bed or sofa and propping your legs up the wall or on a stack of cushions.

Coming out of the pose

Bend at your knees, gently roll to one side and rest for a few breaths before using your arms to bring you back upright.

Important: Check-in with your medical provider before starting any new physical activity, and always “listen” to your body to ensure you are operating within its abilities at any given time.


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